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Neo smartpen N2 – Open your pen

From paper to digital, two worlds in one pen.

Neo smartpen N2 is a pen designed to capture your handwritten notes into our digital app with our N notebooks.

Discover how our pen, app, and paper will enhance your writing experience.

Concentrate only on writing.

Neo smartpen N2 is designed to provide great writing experience to users. Without pre-settings, users can just simply write on our paper and the pen will automatically capture everything you write. 

The real smartpen.

Automatic power on/off, digital text conversion, and offline storage are some of the smart things that Neo smartpen provides. There’s no need to go through complicated settings, making our smartpen smarter.

Battery usage

1-2 hours per day, using about 5 days without charge

Memory storage

Internal memory : Nand Flash 90MB

Image Sensor

120fps / 1100DPI

Battery type

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery

Continuous writing time

5 ~ 8 hours

Offline writing

1,000 pages of A4 paper

Pressure recognition

256 steps

Charge time

2 Hours to full charge

N notebooks – Not just normal paper

Our paper, N notebooks, is not just ordinary paper. It is designed with small patterns called Ncode™, which is a technology provided by NeoLAB Convergence. N notebook will accurately record your writing and remember every note you’ve written.

N notebook – See our notebook line-up

N memo notebook

Ruled lines / 148mm x 83mm / 50 pages

N pocket notebook

Grid lines / 144mm x 83mm / 62 pages

N ring notebook

Ruled lines / 210mm x 150mm / 152 pages

N plain notebook

176 x 250mm / 72 pages / paper 80g / 5 Bundle package

N idea pad

Ruled lines / 210 x 297mm (A4) / 100 pages / paper 100g / legal pad type

N A4 notebook

Blank paper / 210 x 297mm (A4) / 50 pages / paper 70g / Glued paper

Neo Notes – Mobil app for Neo smartpen N2

Simple to use.

Use it like a regular pen writing on paper.

Your written content will be automatically stored in Neo Notes.

Record and playback your notes, change notes into digital text, and store your data offline. Discover more.

1. Write on paper
2. Turn on Neo Notes
3. Your notes will appear in your smart device

Neo Notes – Features and functions

My library

Everything you write will be stored in my library with instant access.

Page view

View by notebook or page. Swipe through pages to find your content easily. You can store certain pages into a different notebook and manage your notes.

View by calendar

Our calendar view will provide which date, location, and weather you wrote your notes.

Everything you recorded.

With Neo Notes, memorize your past experience such as what kind of sketch you drew, what kind of conversation you had, and what kind of ideas you’ve thought of.

Text change

With Neo Notes, your handwritten letters can be changed into digital text. We support 15 languages you can transcribe.

Sync with Evernote™

Do you have a Evernote™ account? Neo Notes will automatically backup your content into Evernote™.

Go To Evernote

Neo Notes

Download our mobile app to explore more features

Neo smartpen N2™

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Titan Black


$169.00 USD


Silver white


$169.00 USD